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See how far a little kindness can go

Kindness is contagious but often invisible. We seek to shine light on the profound impact small acts of kindness can have on ourselves and others.

Numerous studies have shown that acts of altruism have a positive impact on your health, happiness and community.


Here's how it works: each act of kindness is assigned a unique code. When you perform a kind deed, simply pass the code along with it. The recipient can then enter the code on our site, adding their story to the map and continuing the web of kindness.

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How it works

1. Sign up and get your code

You will automatically be assigned a code once you sign up. For every kindness you receive, you will be given an additional code that you can use to pay it forward and see where it goes.

2.Give a gift or kindness

Don’t have an idea yet? Don’t stress, we have a few examples to get you started. You can give more than one gift for every kindness you have received. If everyone does this it will spread across the world...

3. Pass the code

Be sure to include a note with your gift, so people know it’s part of the kindness network. You can write a personal message. And don’t forget to include the code and the website (or just give the QR code).

4. Watch it grow.

We will notify you each time your kindness spreads.

Gift Ideas


  1. Pay it back by paying it forward!
  2. Don't expect anything from the people you give to.
  3. Be creative! You don't have to spend money or copy what someone did for you in order to participate.
  4. If it doesn't feel appropriate to ask someone to pay it forward, don't!

Gift Ideas

  • Host a meal
  • Pick up someones bill at a restaurant
  • Leave flowers for a neighbor on their doorstep
  • Buy the person behind you in line a coffee
  • Throw an epic party
  • Leave money in a random place with a nice note
  • Leave a very, very big tip
  • An unexpected gift to a friend
  • Offer your services for free
  • Free lemonade stand on a hot day
  • Give your favorite book to someone or leave it in a public place
  • Donate an organ
  • Write a letter of gratitude
Mapping Kindness
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